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KONSci, Tronic, DJ Slim Deluxe, and DJ Noumenon



"Self Reliance" is a highly conceptual project which focuses on bringing the listener closer to their own reality and the world that surrounds us all. Ranging from satirical insights on financial woes to calls for greater social awareness and standing strong in the face of devastating loss, whether its the love of HipHop or the love of life, "Self Reliance" takes its hold. 

The album features a variety of producers who each bring their own distinct sound to the project. Kev Brown, iLLmind, J. Rawls, Oddisee, and Dunc, along with in house instrumentalists Jamoculus and KON Sci offer musical backdrops for the vocalists to command. Emcees Tronic and KON Sci weave through the progression with clear intent, to demonstrate the strength of will necessary to embody Self Reliance. Guest appearances by John Robinson aka Lil Sci, Seez Mics of the Educated Consumers, Kev Brown, and rCyn bring their lyrical insights, while DJ Noumenon heads an arsenal of scratchwork assisted by Rob Swift, DJ Excess, J Smoke, DJ Spictakular, and John Beez.
All support is greatly appreciated!!
MindsOne Cru

MindsOne - Legion of Doom (Prod. Kev Brown)

Directed by Big Hop who put in a bunch of time and effort to making this thing official.

Peace to everyone who came to support us making our first video.

Peace to Kev Brown for the heat!

Album Release thanks

PEACE!! everyone who came through the Album Release Party @ 16 Taps over the weekend. Special thanks goes out to DJ Slim Deluxe, DJ Noumenon, Seez Mics, Fuzz Jaxx, Big Hop, Jamoculus, Whispaz, and Jones for blessing the crowd with DOPE HipHop music. Hope everyone got the album at the show but if not...CHECK ABOVE POSTS.

You can check out some photos from the show, by local photographer Chris Zachary here: